Mission Statement:

To provide a safe environment for the enjoyment and the learning of the outdoors and shooting sports.

Club Back Ground:

The Fredericksburg Sportsmen's Club is a non profit club which was originally chartered in 1949 by several local individuals interested in outdoor activies.The original site was 1 1/2 mile West and 1 mile North of Fredericksburg where trapshooting was available.

The site 3 miles west and 2 1/2 miles North of Fredericksburg was purchased in 1992.The clubs first Western Electric trap house was purchased in 1993.

The club house was moved to its current location in 1994 which is about 1/2 mile south of Boyd, Iowa.

The Safety and Education Center was built in 2008.


Facility Improvements: 

Over the years there have been many positive improvements made the club.  In 2011 we added a new trap field which is handicap accesible, has wireless speakers, and a Pat wobble trap.  We have have added a new hand gun shooting area.  Jordan Heit built a new gas grill for his eagle scout project.  We have new entry signage and landscaping which was done by Mike Hansen for his Eagle Cout Project.  We have added a new sign on the blacktop to direct people to the club.  We have started committees to help with all of the various events that are held at the club each year.